Driftwords 2

Vol. 1 / August 2018


President's Message

There has been a lot going on this summer at BRLA so we felt it was time we updated you!

New initiatives by your Board have included revitalizing Board structure, electing a new President, adding new Board members, launching the Water Rangers water testing program, developing Driftwords II and launching a Lake Plan process. All this while we maintained our popular social and recreational calendar, shoal marker management, fireworks, government relations and environmental activities.

This is our interim Newsletter, with the final Driftwords II format scheduled to be launched in the Spring 2019. Another new communications initiative will be the annual ‘state of the BRLA union’  message from the President mid-winter so watch for these!

Revitalizing your Board

The Board went through an in-depth evaluation process that started a year ago to identify where BRLA’s organizational structure could be strengthened. The work included evaluating strengths, weaknesses and threats resulting in updated policies and procedures and identifying priorities. A comprehensive presentation of this process and outcomes, along with Director reports, was given at the AGM on July 14.

BRLA elects a new President

BRLA is pleased to confirm that Grant Leslie was elected as President at the AGM. Grant is a full time resident on the lake and brings experience with volunteer organizations and a passion for protecting the lake environment and effectively lobbying government on behalf of members. Brian Hawkins, BRLA’s past president was recognized at the AGM for his strong leadership and his role in keeping BRLA financially strong. Grant appreciates that Brian will be staying on as Treasurer and acknowledges the great work he did on behalf of all members especially in keeping the organization financially strong.

Board Update

Here is your Board including new Board Members Chris Laflamme and Nancy Watters. It’s great to have Chris ‘on board’ representing the boating community and Nancy coming back to the Board to continue leading BRLA’s social and recreational programs. [Nancy was also a Board member from 2008 to 2013]

President - Grant Leslie
Vice-President - Phil Albert
Director Secretary - Gayle Mathe
Director - Treasurer - Brian Hawkins
Director Government Relations - Doug Kirkland
Director Environmental Affairs - Buzz Boles
Director Social and Recreation - Nancy Watters
Director Communications /Community Outreach - Lyse Prendergast
Director Membership and Recruitment - Open
Director Operations and Lake Safety - Chris Laflamme


Lake Plan

The Board has looked closely at Lake Plans from other jurisdictions and feels that it is the right time for BRLA to embark on this comprehensive processs. It has been shown that the Lake Plan process strengthens relationships with government and regulatory agencies and it brings in the broader lake community as well through focus groups and ..

Financial Report

As presented at the AGM, the BRLA financial position is very strong.

Water Rangers

BRLA joined the Water Rangers program this year as part of a wider strategy that includes providing additional baseline data and identify problem areas on the lake that require collaboration with the township and other government agencies.

More comprehensive information on BRLA’s Water Quality program will be provided in future Driftwords ll issues but in the meantime, click here for details about our Water Rangers project.

Social & Recreation Programs

BRLA’s social and recreational programs has just completed another successful year with Summer Sounds, Day Camp, Sailing Camp and the Harvest Dinner.

All these events exceeded expectations and helped to introduce BRLA to potential new members.

Read more about our Social & Recreation programs here.

Government Relations

Doug Kirkland is reminding everyone that this is an important voting year and that as many cottagers as possible need to get out and vote…

Read more here.

Bass Telemetry Study

Buzz Boles confirms that Dr. Cooke’s study is scheduled to be completed this fall which will provide in-depth insight into what happens to Bass caught in tournaments and released at Rideau Ferry. Additionally, the social impact of tournaments on lake residents was being studied by Dr Cooke’s team.

The Cormorants count….

Off-Muffler Boats

BRLA has been working with the OPP and Transport Canada in regulating offshore boats that choose to run ‘off muffler’. This is illegal and the OPP are committed to issuing tickets to offenders. If a member is impacted by this, the best thing you can do is call the OPP Call Centre to log a compliant. Even if you cannot identify the boat, logging the call is helpful as the OPP will see the issue as part of their monthly analysis process. The OPP Call Centre # is 1-888-310-1112.

Operations and Lake Safety

Cow island is BRLA’s base for all of our events and a renewed effort is under way to manage this valuable asset on a near and long term basis. Currently we are studying the best application for additional docks which has an approved budget in place. Longer term, our new Director Chris Laflamme will also be working with the Board on a long term plan which will include looking at ways to spruce up the clubhouse and related facilities.

Membership & Corporate Sponsors

Membership is steady with xxx current members and xxx Corporate Sponsors.

If you've haven't renewed yet this season, its easy to do:

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