Located on the Big and Lower Rideau Lakes in Eastern Ontario, the BRLA is a non-profit organization with roots back to 1911. The Association supports programs in the areas of environment, recreation, government affairs and lake safety. The BRLA is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, assisted by seasonal staff. 


BRLA Members are all those who enjoy the Rideau Lakes: cottagers, boaters and local residents. We each have a stake in protecting our lake community.


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Membership fees alone do not cover the costs of the programs and services we run. Please consider making a financial donation to support these activities.

recent news

Big Rideau Lake is a composite of social, political, regulatory and ecological systems, which all connect to give us this slice of heaven we call "our lake".

This summer the BRLA introduced a series of ten articles describing "How the Lake Works".  Each article was provided to us by well-informed independent specialists in their respective fields. 

We invite you to read the articles, and add your comments, criticisms and questions to the discussion; we also welcome your suggestions for future topics.


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