Big Rideau Lake is a composite of social, political, regulatory and ecological systems, which all connect to give us this slice of heaven we call "our lake".

On an initiative from its Environment Committee, the BRLA has introduced a series of articles describing "How the Lake Works".

We, as one of the current stewards of this system, will make decisions that will affect the sustainability of this habitat for future generations. These decisions must be based on facts and science. Each of these forthcoming articles are designed to establish that base. They have been provided to us by well-informed independent specialists in their respective fields and are designed show us "How the Lake Works".

On August 16th, we released the next article "Aquatic Invasive Species"; to read it, please click the icon link below:


Articles include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

Each article in this series will be released individually, biweekly, through email and posted here on this webpage. We welcome your comments, challenges, additional comments on the information provided and, hopefully, recommendations for other topics to be presented. (To contribute your comments to an article, click on the title of the article to bring up the Comments box.)