The Big Rideau Lake Association (BRLA) is committed to long-term environment protection and service to all who use our lake and share its resources.

Located on the Big and Lower Rideau Lakes in Eastern Ontario, the BRLA is a non-profit organization with roots back to 1911. The Association supports programs in the areas of environment, recreation, government affairs and lake safety. The BRLA is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, assisted by seasonal staff. 

How the Lake Works

April 19th - Life Under the Surface

The second in our "How the Lake Works" series of articles, which describe the many social, political, regulatory and ecological systems that all connect to give us "our lake". For previous articles, see our "How the Lake Works" main page.



BRLA Members are all those who enjoy the Rideau Lakes: cottagers, boaters and local residents. We each have a stake in protecting our lake community.