Big Rideau Lake Association
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Our Lake. Our Legacy.


The Big Rideau Lake Association is dedicated to building a strong community in a safe and healthy environment on and around Big Rideau Lake.

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Located on the Big and Lower Rideau Lakes in Eastern Ontario, the BRLA is a non-profit organization with roots back to 1911. The Association is committed to long-term environmental protection and service to all who use our lake and share its resources. The BRLA supports programs in the areas of environment, recreation, government affairs and lake safety, and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, assisted by seasonal staff. 



BRLA Members are all those who enjoy the Rideau Lakes: cottagers, boaters and local residents. We each have a stake in protecting our lake community.



We count on your Support!

Membership fees alone do not cover the costs of the programs and services run by the Big Rideau Lake Association. We encourage you to consider making a financial donation to support the programs and activities you cherish as part of your lake community - either directly or, if you would like to receive a tax donation, through the Rideau Lakes Environment Foundation (RLEF).

Day camp needs you!

As we prepare for BRLA’s 2018 Day Camp on Cow Island this summer, we are looking to our members for help.  Last year was one of our most successful years ever – with about 224 visits to the day camp!!

The 2018 Day Camp is scheduled to run for 5 weeks starting July 3rd from 9:00 to noon. Its open to BRLA members & their guests, ages 4 to 12.

We are happy to announce we have hired a terrific Camp Counsellor Staff Team who are eager to get started. However, to run the programme, we need an Adult Volunteer to coordinate camp, for at least one week at a time. Given our keen and experienced staff, we do not expect this role to be onerous; mainly, they'll serve as a resource to the staff as well as a contact for parents when needed, and to be on island for 30-40 minutes twice a week. We will be approaching parents to take turns to help out in this way, if we don't have enough volunteers to cover the 5 weeks.

Please consider volunteering for this position yourself (1 person in this role would be ideal) or contacting another member who might be interested and willing. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us at

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Stay Safe on the Lake

Boating season is beginning soon. Make sure your safety equipment is up to date, and you're aware of current safe boating rules and guidelines. Check our Resources page for links to information.


Recent News

Check out our blog to stay current on issues and events in and around our lake community.



We have a full slate of activities planned for summer 2018, all based on our very own Cow Island!