Within the BRLA, we work to monitor, maintain and protect the water quality, shores and environs of Big and Lower Rideau Lakes, and study, report and, if necessary, advocate on environmental issues that affect our area.

We are also active in the protection of wildlife habitat. Tracking and promoting the health of the Rideau Lakes is one of our key concerns. Our lake's environment supports a great diversity of wildlife, in its deep cold water and along its rocky shorelines and in its wetlands.

Ongoing Topics of Interest & Concern:

Environmental issues currently being studied and monitored by the BRLA include some of the following (click on the subject title for more):


Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation

The Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation (RLEF) is a registered charity, working with you to protect your lakes. The mission of the RLEF is to safeguard the Rideau Lakes' environment for generations to come.

RLEF Objectives:

  1. To aid in the protection and maintenance of the waters, shores and environs of the Rideau Lakes, together with any other water bodies flowing into or which could affect the water quality of the Rideau Lakes;

  2. To encourage the observance of measures designed to prevent forest fire and water pollution and to render such assistance as may be possible to appropriate authorities concerned therewith;

  3. To teach and encourage water safety practices and the observance in the area of provincial and federal laws relating to vessel and ship ownership and operation and the protection of navigation against off-channel hazards;

  4. To act as may be indicated in collaboration with provincial authorities in protecting the game-fish potential of the Rideau Lakes through the introduction from time to time of salmon, bass and other fingerlings and the observances of fish and game laws and good game-fishing practices; and

  5. To examine and advise municipal authorities respecting a need for or condition of access roads.

The RLEF actively solicits donations (in cash and kind) to support environmental programs on Big Rideau and Upper Rideau Lakes. Donations to the RLEF are tax deductible, and are essential to supporting environmental programs of the Big and Upper Rideau Lake Associations.

Lake association membership dues do not cover the full costs of RLEF environmental activities. We need further support to continue our important work in protection the Rideau Lakes natural and historical environment. Contact us at RLEF@bigrideaulakeassociation.com for more information.


2018-19 RLEF Board of Directors

  • President - Michael Peterson (BRLA)

  • Treasurer - Don Rasmussen (URLA)

  • Bruce Boles (BRLA)

  • Ed Brigden (BRLA)

  • Doug Kirkland (BRLA)

  • Jayne MacDonald (URLA)

  • Jennifer Trant (BRLA)


Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation Registered Charity #13978 9713 RR0001