2019 Photos

April 25, 2019

Thank you to Doug Kirkland for these amazing shots, taken on one of the few warm, sunny and calm days of April.  

“Only saw 3 other boats 4.5 hours. So peaceful and had time to visit with all my bird friends. The Loons are back, many Mergansers around just now, several flocks of geese, the Eagles are already sitting on this year’s crop of young ones, a painted turtle had just emerged from hibernation and Parks Canada had provided a perfect warm up pad. A lone migrating Grebe and two very busy Osprey nests but the old Osprey perch in the Lost Lake area fell over the winter, still at least two families are back and nesting in trees.”


March 27, 2019

A late winter visit to the lake - thank you to Dyan Hawkins for sharing.