The BRLA Environment Committee has submitted a proposal to the Aviva Community Fund for a research study grant - and we need your help!


If awarded the Community Resilience Aviva Community Fund grant, the BRLA will begin a research project in partnership with Carleton University, where we will be looking at the causes of some of the issues many of us have observed recently on our beloved lake:

  • Key Big Rideau Lake food chain species [golden shiner] have almost vanished over the past 3 years.
  • A significant decline of a once robust nesting and transient loon population.
  • There is a [scientifically] revolutionary and substantial change in water focused raptor local ecology.
  • A robust Double Crested cormorant colony on Big Rideau Lake had 100% mortality of chicks in 2017.
  • There is recent vast and unusual over production of lake algae with little identification of impacts, causative factors and poss ible solutions.

Click here to read our full proposal.

Now comes the real challenge – we MUST show our community’s support of this project. Your support is a vital component of our campaign. We’re counting on you!

Voting opens Tuesday October 10th, and ends Thursday October 19th. Each registered person has 18 votes and we ask for your support by casting all 18 in favour of the BRLA project, reference # 17-364.


What you can do: 

1. Register NOW to vote on the Aviva Community Fund page  -

2. Vote now! Cast your 18 votes for the BRLA proposal. Voting opened Tuesday October 10th and closes October 19th; please don't miss this short window of time.

Remember, all 18 votes can be cast at once, there is no need to spread your voting over several days. And all 18 votes can (and should!) be cast for one project - ours!

3. Spread the word!  Ask your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, anyone you can think of, to register now; remind them on Tuesday when voting opens, then follow up before voting closes on October 19th to make sure they voted.


about the Aviva Community Fund Voting Rules

Anyone registered for the Aviva Community Fund has 18 votes they can use at any time from October 10 -19, 2017 to vote for their favourite idea(s). You can spread your votes around or use them all to support one project. Cast all 18 votes at once, or keep coming back to cast your votes. Don’t forget, once a vote is cast, it cannot be changed.

The 15 ideas that receive the most votes in each of the two funding levels in the Community Development, Community Health and Community Resilience categories plus the 5 ideas that receive the most votes in the Community Legacy category and the idea with the highest Aviva broker partner votes (Top Ranked Broker-Supported idea) will become Finalists.

The 35 Finalists are then evaluated by our independent panel of judges who choose the Grand Prize Winners. Grand Prize Winners receive up to $100,000 (if entered into the large level of funding), up to $50,000 (if entered into the small level of funding) and $150,000 (if entered into the Community Legacy category). Finalists that do not become Grand Prize Winners will receive a $5,000 donation to a charity of their choice.

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