Water Quality and Aquatic Plants Research

From Buzz Boles, Chair of BRLA Environment Committee

The Environment Committee of the Big Rideau Lake Association was re-established early in 2016 and has been very active on issues of concern and interest to our membership.  These include protecting lake water quality from  impacts from over development on undersized lots [thusly the recent BRLA OMB initiative], keeping up to date on the status of invasive aquatic plants and animals, assessing cormorant impacts on the lake, and concerns about watercraft safety and fish conservation related to frequent bass fishing derbies. Periodically we want to report on these various issues to our membership. 

Recently the BRLA received a copy of a general information and scientific paper [below] covering 20 lakes some of which are very nearby and which provided insights  into [1]  how zebra mussels affect lake ecology, and [2] water quality changes over the past 150 years by measuring phosphorous levels in  various lakes.

We think this is credible and useful information for our membership to have  on lake water quality and environmental issues. We recommend it highly for reading by everyone.

We also need your feedback on these issues.  We welcome your comments here (click on the title) or email me directly at environment@bigrideaulakeassociation.com with any comments or questions.