Members' Activity Final Update re: OMB Hearing

From BRLA President Brian Hawkins

As reported earlier, your Board filed an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) against a Township of Rideau Lakes Committee of Adjustment decision regarding a significantly undersized waterfront property on Big Rideau Lake.

The OMB recently announced its decision and we are very pleased with the result. The project in question is not cancelled but it has been amended, which was exactly our goal in launching the appeal.

The Environment and Government Relations Committees have reviewed it thoroughly and we state confidently that we probably would not have appealed the Committee of Adjustment decision if it had been similar to what the OMB has now mandated.

The full decision is posted below, and provides a detailed analysis of the issues, missteps in process and corrective actions required for the project in question to be continued.

A brief overview of the most important site changes required include:

  • A 15 metre setback from the water is required for both the building and septic system, instead of 8 metre approved by the Committee of Adjustment.
  • The tertiary sewage treatment system originally approved must be upgraded to remove phosphorus.
  • A proper landscaping plan, using native species, must be submitted.
  • A site grading and drainage plan, with accurate setback measurements, prepared by a Professional Engineer, must be submitted.
  • The Site Plan Agreement, Site Plan, Landscaping Plan and Site Grading and Drainage Plan must all be registered on title.

These are all consistent with the current Official Plan and more importantly, what we all are accountable to in building on or renovating our properties.

The report also comments on Township of Rideau Lakes’ policies and procedures, which we are confident the Township will respond in the near future.

Finally, the Board thanks you for your support in this process. If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at