Found: Dock gangplank

During the high winds and high water several weeks ago a very
substantial dock section washed up against my dock. I pulled it up and it now
sits on my dock. The section appears to be a gangplank consisting of 2 lengths
of good 2x10 planks at 16 ft long. There is a full length side board on each
side and heavy duty cross boards and mounting eyes on each end. This would be
an expensive assembly and I am sure that the owner would like to find it and
get it back. There is no greying or fading of the colour of the planks so I
suspect that it may be part of a recent Kehoe dock installation. I am located
near the Rocky Narrows and across from Murphy’s Point Park on the Big Rideau

Chris Grant /  613 283 1046.

Lyse Prendergast