Safe Boating Checklist

With the beginning of the summer boating season, its a good time to review some of the basics of safe boating. All boats are required to carry safety equipment but what exactly must be carried depends on the size and type of boat; items required on a typical vessel 6 meters or less in length include:

  • A Canadian approved flotation device, lifejacket or PFD, in good repair and of appropriate size for every person on board.
  • The vessels license or registration certificate if powered by a motor of 7.5 kw (10 hp) or more.
  • Fire extinguisher (depending on type of engine, gas tank or cooking appliances on board).
  • Watertight flashlight or pyrotechnic distress signal requirements (flares).
  • Sound signaling device.
  • Buoyant heaving line (minimum 15 meters in length).
  • Paddle or anchor with at least 15 meters of rode and /or chain.
  • Re-boarding device.
  • Bailer or manual water pump.
  • Navigation lights.

For Transport Canada's full Safe Boating Guide, click here.

Lyse Prendergast