RVCA Report - "Algae - Too Much of a Good Thing"

There have been several reports of an increased number of algae blooms on the lake this year. With the high temperatures and sun we've experienced this summer, the prevalence of algae is not surprising.  

RVCA's statement released today notes a number of things lake residents can do to ensure they are not contributing to the high level of algae in our lake:

  • Good septic system maintenance
  • Increase plant cover on your property
  • Reduce runoff from your property

Click here to read the RVCA statement.

Its important to remember that most algae blooms are green blooms, not blue-green blooms (which can be toxic). As the RVCA statment noted, algae and aquatic plants play an important role in maintaining the health of our waterbodies. But when you have too much — it can negatively impact recreational use and threaten our aquatic ecosystems.

For more information about blue-green algae, refer to the following website links:

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

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