Update on TRL Official Plan

The Township of Rideau Lakes is embarking on a major update to its Official Plan. The purpose of the Official Plan is to ensure that future planning and development meets the community’s needs, and regular updates are required under the Planning Act. As part of this update process, there have been a number of public consultation exercises to identify what those needs are, including public meetings and surveys. The next item on this agenda is a Survey on Lot Creations.

Survey on Lot Creations - Deadline May 1, 2019

The Lot Creations theme was identified by the public as an important topic to review as part of the Official Plan Update. Lot Creations or Land Division can take place by the consent (severance) process, by plan of subdivision, or by plan of condominium. This survey was created to receive public feedback on Discussion Paper #1 - Lot Creations.

A summary of the Discussion Paper can be found here. Complete the survey online here by end of day on Wednesday, May 1. 

Click here to read the full update from the Township.

Lyse PrendergastComment