Bursary Available from Friends of the Tay Valley

Do you know a continuing student who could use a little financial support?

The 2019 Water Guardian Bursary is open to a graduating student or an alumnus of a Tay Watershed high school pursuing post-secondary studies in Environmental Science or a related program concerned with the environment and water sustainability. 

Being a bursary as distinct from a scholarship, this opportunity offers the student financial assistance based not on marks, but on a passionate interest in the environment and water sustainability. 

Notices have been posted and application forms made available at each of Smiths Falls Collegiate Institute, Perth and District Collegiate Institute, St. John Catholic High School in Perth and the Granite Ridge Education Centre in Sharbot Lake. Check with the Guidance Councillor. 

Information and an application form are also available at http://www.taywatershed.ca/documents/BURSARY-2019.pdf Applications and supporting letters may be submitted to the appropriate school person for bursaries and scholarships for onward transmittal to The Friends of the Tay Watershed Assn. 

Applications may also be submitted directly to the Friends of the Tay Watershed Assn
by e-mail to friends@taywatershed.ca  , subject “Bursary”
through Canada Post to P.O. Box 2065, 57 Foster St., Perth, K7H 3M9