Water Rangers

Water Rangers is a non-profit, Ottawa-based organization that provides test kits to groups and individuals to discover data, report issues and record observations of their lakes, streams and rivers. It is described as "a citizen science for rivers and lakes".

There are many people who care about water quality but do not have access to tools to collect and interpret the data about their own lake, river or stream. The goal of Water Rangers is to provide those tools; their mission is to "build the tools to help citizens and scientists easily record and analyze water data so that they can use the data to learn about problems, share discoveries and engage with their neighbours." Water Rangers provides a testing methodology, training and kit that provide baseline water quality measurements and an award winning online data collection system for keeping track.

The BRLA is participating in Water Rangers this summer. We have 3 teams monitoring 19 different locations on the lake, taking samples every two weeks and recording their findings on the Water Rangers website. All of this data is mapped and posted on the Water Rangers website - click the link to the right to see this data, and to find out more about the Water Rangers program.