Boat Stolen from Island 60

Sometime within the past 2 weeks, a 14' green and aluminum Legend was taken from the boathouse on Island 60. The theft has been reported it to the OPP, but please keep an eye out for it and message us if you happen to spot it.

Found - Floating Dock

A floating dock was retrieved this morning (Monday July 16), out of Portland on the east side heading up the main lake. Its been secured. If you'd like to claim it, phone 613 272 0357 to describe and get directions.

Found - Yellow Slide

A large and long yellow plastic slide has been found floating in the Rocky Narrows. Contact Cindy Sheil at 613-267-7436 if you know where it belongs.

Lyse Prendergast
Are you missing this?

Floated on to MacDonald Island earlier this spring. Comment on this post if its yours and you'd like to retrieve it.

Lyse Prendergast
Found: Dock gangplank

During the high winds and high water several weeks ago a very
substantial dock section washed up against my dock. I pulled it up and it now
sits on my dock. The section appears to be a gangplank consisting of 2 lengths
of good 2x10 planks at 16 ft long. There is a full length side board on each
side and heavy duty cross boards and mounting eyes on each end. This would be
an expensive assembly and I am sure that the owner would like to find it and
get it back. There is no greying or fading of the colour of the planks so I
suspect that it may be part of a recent Kehoe dock installation. I am located
near the Rocky Narrows and across from Murphy’s Point Park on the Big Rideau

Chris Grant /  613 283 1046.

Lyse Prendergast
Found: Floating Dock

A floating dock was caught behind our concrete jetty during the night of May 21 – 22, 2017.  It measures about 12 feet by 16 feet, and is made of 8 inch planks, running the whole 16 foot length.  It has seen better days, but is still  perfectly serviceable.  The winds for the preceding days were predominantly from the north-west, with short periods from the south-west.

Our cottage is on the east shore, about 2 km south of Rocky Narrows, and just north of Askwith’s Island.  Our cottage number, 194, is nailed onto the cantilever platform about 20 m north of the concrete jetty.  We did not tie the wayward dock to the shore, because it was firmly wedged between our concrete jetty and the shore, and the water level was dropping, suggesting that it should remain in place.  We would appreciate it if the owner could reclaim the dock and haul it home, as we cannot get our boat into its mooring space inside the concrete jetty. 

Our telephone number at the cottage is 613-283-9294, and at home 514-695-7781.

Fred Parkinson

Lyse Prendergast
Lost: Kayak

Reported missing May 16, from cottage directly across from Murphy's Point Provincial Park, north east of Tar Island (address 173 R112A).

Description: "Blue, 2 seater sea kayak from Costco. It is all one piece made of hard plastic and is quite heavy. The seat rests were not in it, so there will be one small hole behind each seat for the seat back posts. It is built so that you sit on top of the kayak as opposed to inside it. The bottom is shaped like a pontoon with the hull divided in two. Has a hole in the back to be used as a handle when pulling it up on shore."

If found, please contact Tracy Iafelice at

Lyse Prendergast
Looking for missing paddle boat

Please keep an eye out for this missing paddleboat and let us know if you find it. We are on King Fish Bay, visit every year and our paddle boat has gone wayward during the night.

Kephart Cottage, King Fish Bay. 613-272-2417.

Lost Dock Found

A heartfelt thank you to Chris Raymond, for finding and securing the missing dock mentioned in our April 20th membership email. Dock owners John Callan and Diana Carr heard from a number of people who had their eyes out looking for it this past weekend, and are very grateful Chris spotted the dock on the shore, secured it to a tree and contacted them.

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