How was your boat ride home from Fireworks 2016?

Wasn't that a crazy storm? Short but intense, and most of us out on the lake for fireworks didn't make it home before it hit. Thankfully, we haven't heard of anything more serious than frayed nerves and water-logged boaters. We'd love to hear your stories! (Click on the title above to comment on or share this conversation.)

What does your road association do about insurance?

Many of us on the lake (except those with island properties!) are part of a private road association that looks after maintaining our common roadway: filling and levelling gravel, clearing shrubbery, plowing snow in winter etc.

A BRLA member has contacted us, pointing out that as townships are downloading more and more responsibility onto small, inexperienced road associations, a number of issues arise that these groups are not necessarily equipped to handle. The first to come to mind is the question of liability coverage (General and/or Directors & Officers) - is your road association covered by insurance? What are the big issues facing your road association these days?

We open up this question to our members - feel free to comment, sharing your experience, expertise or questions! (Click on the title above to comment on or share this conversation.)